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Luc Grisé
CD 1
1:I think i’m going weird 3:18
2:What’s that sound (for what it’s worth) 2:48
3:African thing 4:05
4:Room with a view 3:40
5:Flying anchors 2:42
6:Supernatural fairy tales 3:36
7:Love is real 3:19
8:Come on up 3:02
9:Brothers, dads and mothers 3:30
10:Talkin’ to myself 1:40
11:Alive, not dead 2:14
12:Rome take away three 2:59
13:Love is real 2:43
14:I think i’m going weird 3:16
15:Room with a view 3:37
16:Flying anchors 2:49
17:Supernatural fairy tales 3:36
18:Talkin’ to myself 1:42
CD 2
1:Society’s child 4:30
2:Love really changed me 3:33
3:Here i lived so well 5:06
4:Too much of nothing 3:57
5:Sunshine help me 3:02
6:It’s all about a roundabout 2:43
7:Tobacco road 5:33
8:It hurts you so 3:03
9:Forget it, i’ve got it 3:26
10:Bubbles 2:49
11:Sunshine help me (original version) 3:18
12:Weird 4:10
13:The weight 3:08
14:Do right people 4:45
15:Love really changed me (single version) 3:17
16:Luger’s groove 3:56
17:It hurts you so – mono mix 3:02
18:Sunshine help me 2:08
19:Too much of nothing 3:57
20:The weight 3:15
CD 3
1:Waitin’ for the wind 3:29
2:Feelin’ bad 3:17
3:I’ve got enough heartaches 3:24
4:Evil woman 9:00
5:Lost in my dream 5:03
6:That was only yesterday 3:51
7:Better by you, better than me 3:36
8:Hangman, hang my shell on a tree 5:40
9:Feelin’ bad 2:53
10:I can’t quit her 3:00
11:Blues town 3:32
12:When i get home 4:17
13:Something got into your life 3:28
14:Waitin’ for the wind – first mix 3:35
15:Lost in my dream – first mix 5:47
16:Better by you, better than me – first mix 4:07
17:When i get home 5:24
18:Pretty woman 3:28 (mono)
CD 4
1:Have mercy
7:That was only yesterday (mono single version)
8:Waiting for the wind (mono single version)
9:Feelin’ bad (mono single version)
10:Have mercy (first version)
11:Shine a light on me
CD 5
1:I am the walrus 6:22
2:The wrong time 5:07
3:Something to say 5:49
4:Nobody there at all 3:58
5:Down river 4:47
6:Son of your father 3:52
7:The last puff 3:37
8:Son of your father (single version) 3:36
9:I am the walrus (mono single version) 5:22
10:Hangman hang my shell on a tree (mono single version) 5:41
11:Nobody there at all (mono single version) 3:45
12:The wrong time (first mix) 5:12
13:The weight 3:14
CD 6
1:Cotton growing man
2:Old as i was born
3:This time around
4:Holy water
5:Wild fire
6:Self-seeking man
7:Times have changed
CD 7
1:Ocean of power
2:Wings on my heart
3:As long as the world keeps turning
4:Don’t ever stray away
5:Things change
6:All sewn up
7:Dream me a mountain
8:Sunlight of my mind
10:Bonus track:
11:All sewn up (alternate mix)
CD 8
1:Fantasy satisfier
2:Two time love
4:Woman and gold
5:Higher circles
6:Hell or high water
7:I’m alive
8:The mirror
9:The hoofer
CD 9
1:Waiting for the wind
2:I am the walrus
3:The wrong time
4:Cotton growing man
5:Old as i was born
6:Better by you, better than me
7:Tobacco road
8:Evil woman
9:Sunshine help

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